Leaks: Video and Photos Dual Camera Background Camera for Galaxy Note 8

Although we still have a few months to release Samsung Galaxy Note 8, leaks and rumors about the phone is increasing, the latest leak shows the initial design of the phone Note 8 for the first time with a dual camera back, while these prototypes do not reveal a lot of details The handset has been used with manufacturers to issue prototypes for manufacturers of accessories and accessories to work on their products to be ready with the launch of the phone, which is noticeable from those leaked images, the Galaxy Note 8 will come on the same screen “Infinity display” in the Galaxy S8 which is something is expected.

It is interesting to note that the rumors that were released before the release of the Galaxy S8 also showed that it had a dual rear camera, but at the time of release we discovered that all these leaks are false, and Samsung may have decided to postpone Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera Idea

Late last week, the next video, called the first form of the phone, appeared to be the basis for those leaked images, with some other details appearing next to the dual-view camera, such as the 6.3-inch screen and some other details.



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