Instagram allows stories to be explored by location or Hashtag

Important update on Instagram for those who like to search for new photos and videos, now you can explore by geographical location or distracted with respect to stories as well as not just photos that are published regularly.

When you access the Exploration tab, you’ll notice a new flag appears in the stories at the top of the screen. The story is geographically or haunted, so you can see stories about accounts that publish content about your geographic location or interest.

Instagram uses geo-location stickers within the stories to distinguish them by location. You can search for any city or country to view stories from, and in the same way search for a specific hashtag to show stories related to it.

When you view statistics about the performance of any story that contains a geo-location or hahtag tag when it appears on the Exploration tab, it is seen by millions of users who are not following your account. You always have the option to prevent the story from being displayed under the General Discovery tab to keep your privacy private.

This update is gradually available today on Android and iPhone in version 10.22.




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