Apple-1 computer made in the Steve Jobs home garage sold for more than US $ 120,000

The German Breker team unveiled the auction for the sale of the Apple-1, a 100% sound model produced in the Steve Jobs garage by Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder.

In March 2017, the Panel announced the auction and expected the computer to be sold at a price of more than US $ 300,000, but the selling price was approximately US $ 120,000.

The computer was produced in 1976, when the company then manufactured only 200 pieces of it and sold at $ 666 at the time. The model also contains a full circuit diagram.

Another model for the same computer was also sold at a price of $ 365,000 in 2014. The Wozniak forecast load model was also sold at $ 671,000. In 2015, a copy was sold for a price of half a million US dollars, with a limited version of Apple-1 sold at $ 815,000.

The 9to5mac site has posted new streaming through blogger Sonny Dickson for a prototype of the first generation Tablet PC 2010, a fully functional model. The blogger himself has already obtained prototype models for other iPod-style devices.

Speaking of the models, Benjamin Geskin published in his Twitter account images of a real model of the iPhone 8 with some details of this phone, and that after the spread of many images to the back of the device with its design documents.


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