A new technology called Nano Hologram will dispense with interest in the size of screens in the future

A team of Australian and Chinese researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne has come up with a new technology that has helped them get the thinnest hologram image in the world, and it will be a breakthrough that changes our way of looking at hologram technology.

Nanotechnology Hologram is an independent technique that is far from conventional holograms because its images can be viewed without the need to use 3D glasses.

Traditional hologram images are created by large computers compared to other electronic devices, but it is clear that the new hologram technology will overcome volumetric barriers to be able to display a large number of data that is not suitable for display on phone screens or smart clocks in a triangular format .

It is clear that the new technology has not only been used for medical diagnosis, education, information storage and computer security measures, but has the potential to enter the industrial field by transforming and presenting a range of industries in a more visible way.

The next step in the future of this technology will be the development of this technology to be used at the top of the LCD screens to turn into screens to display images Hologram trilogy, the researchers said that everyone is doing their best to develop new technology and applied in many areas .




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