[Video]: HTC reminds us of its leading position in the world of smartphones

In conjunction with the launch of its new flagship phone HTC U11, HTC Corporation of Taiwan has been celebrating the 20th anniversary of the company’s birth, which began in 1997 in Taiwan. For many, the company’s name may be associated with the smartphones with the famous front-end BoomSound Speakers, and for others, HTC may be the company that is almost bankrupt and collapsing.

At this critical time of the Taiwanese company, the company launched several new things to bring itself back to the forefront, whether through the thrill campaign of its latest flagship phone, or the special tariff tour that allowed many technicians and visitors to visit its premises and laboratories to see how smart phones are made. From the initial ideas to the final product, and finally launched a new video includes the most prominent of the company’s smart phone industry since its inception until today.

For many, such a video may be normal because any company is trying to prove its role in the development of smartphones, but with all fairness, this does not apply to HTC, because it has already played an important role in providing a lot of innovations and technologies, With many pioneering ideas that later became standards used by all companies.



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