Top 10 new features in Android O

At the Google I / O Developers Conference held several days ago, Google finally revealed more details about the near-release version of its Android OS operating system. Although we still have time to launch the official operating system, we know a lot about the next update, Many new hidden changes will be introduced just as happened with Android Noga updates last year.

However, there are very few features that we look forward to and we will review them with you.

  • No more disabled emoji

Android OS will help you not miss out on the latest versions of emoticons. The system will include a new feature for developers that allows them to integrate the new emoticons library that is automatically populated even if you do not have them in your keyboard.

  • Smart posts

Android OS will be able to understand the contents of your images and will recommend users to specific applications and specific procedures accordingly. If the user takes a picture of a receipt, for example, the system can suggest an application to track expenses, The user uses social media to better handle the image. This also applies to videos, Internet addresses, text, and other types of content. The public phone can tell what you’re doing with different types of content to improve its recommendations.

  • Clear icons

Now Android developers can create a set of icons to suit different device styles. This means that if you use a phone that has circular application icons as a default, applications that typically take the square shape now have the ability to use a circular shape instead.

  • Notification reminder

Android has made a lot of improvements to notifications, but one of the most notable improvements is the ability to select “snooze” to remind you of notifications later.

  • Mark notifications

One of the biggest changes to notifications is the addition of a notification badge or badge, which is small dots on the app icon to indicate a new notification from that app. In addition, you can long press the app to check notifications.

  • Background colors for notifications

Google is redesigning the form of alerts, as developers will be given the opportunity to activate background colors for notifications in their applications. Google recommends that developers use this feature only in ongoing task notifications that are essential to the user for quick viewing, such as phone calls.

  • Notification channels

In addition to just changing the form of notifications, Android O will give users more control over notifications via a feature called notification channels. Notification channels let you specify the types of notifications you want to see from your apps, and allow you to ignore certain app notifications By specifying them.

  • New Android TV platform

Google’s Android TV system is redesigning its own content search list.

  • New animation styles

Android O added support for a new physics-based animation style, where animation relies on the laws of physics to show a high degree of realism in animation, as well as a new style called fling animation that will help you slow motion animation.

  • Picture-in-picture

Android O will support image-in-picture mode that works with any application, not just YouTube, and it will take some time before developers begin to adopt that feature in their applications




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