Google penalizes low quality applications on its store

Despite Google’s efforts to encourage developers to make high-quality applications, their efforts have not always been successful, so Google now has a new plan for low-quality applications in terms of stability and energy efficiency, as it will reduce its appearance at Play Store.

While Apple has strict laws on applications that can be placed on the App Store, Google has been more flexible in accepting applications, and the result has been that the quality of some applications on Google’s store is questionable. Some applications are constantly disrupted, some applications suddenly stand up randomly and some applications drain the battery dramatically.

So at Google I / O this year, the company has confirmed its commitment to improving the Android experience and overall hardware performance. Google wants to focus on speed, security, stability as well as dynamic Android functionality, not just for users but also for developers. Developers can now see different metrics and results at the stability of their applications, operating time and battery usage. Google wants to know the following:

  • The ANR application does not respond
  • Sudden stop rate
  • Slow operation
  • Frozen tires
  • Whether the application keeps the device open for more than an hour
  • The device app is running more than 10 times an hour

Using these metrics, Google wants to know the 25% of applications ranked among the lowest quality. In February, the company announced that the performance of the application would affect its level of promotion. This means that with Google’s new initiative, applications that fail to meet the criteria Certain will not become visible in the Play Store.

With millions of apps now on Play Store, Google has in recent years been increasingly criticized for counterfeit applications, low-quality applications and malware applications, so these new standards may be a welcome step.




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