ExtraTorrent site alternatives and torrent fate and download content after closing

Little by little, options for those who want to download content from the Internet are shrinking. Most of the popular torrent site has stopped working over the past few months. While governments seek to close or block access to what remains.

ExtraTorrents was the last of the victims and suddenly announced that it would stop working from May 17, and it was a panic to look for alternatives, which would put users at risk because of the fake sites that would now begin to force the user to install malicious files, It will help you download torrents more easily.

Apart from malicious attempts, a list of alternative sites can now be trusted: The Pirate Bay, Rarbg, YTS, Kickass Torrents and 1337x.

The menu does not just stop at those sites; it can visit sites like Torrentz2.eu, TorrentProject.se, EZTV.ag, Limetorerents.cc, IsoHunt.to, and finally Torlock.com.

Blocking or stopping may also affect previous sites, which opens the door to questions about the fate of the content on the Internet and the mechanism of access and upload. To answer this question, it is best to divide it into two parts, one for audio and video content, the other for software, applications, games, etc.

Certainly, there are companies’ efforts to reduce the non-calculated spread of content, or the irregular spread. So it’s good to start using services such as “Net Flex” to watch content, or Spotify to listen to songs, which by the way is free to use without limits.

As for software and applications, the problem lies in the very high prices. In Netflix, you can pay a simple and logical monthly subscription and the problem ends and the user reaches hundreds of different items. The same is true of Spotify. But applications and programs do not provide – most – the possibility of subscription monthly, so the user needs to pay imaginary amounts to get them.

This can be circumvented, and here I do not mean downloading it from the Internet from torrent sites. But by looking at offers or the mechanism for obtaining discounts, a page that is almost present in most companies. Some companies may ask the user to write a blog about her program to get it for free, and others may ask to invite five friends. Some companies may offer a one-month subscription as a kind of goodwill in order to publish a tweet or share on a user’s account in their social networks.

We need as a user to be familiar with the existence of this model at the moment, a payment model for service. You should not forget that there are almost no free solutions for each program. It is true that it is not as efficient, but it may be able to eliminate the need of the user, and us in the program “GIMP” substitute Photoshop is a good example, is not the same strength, but its tools may be enough for some.


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