Tim Cook asserts that Apple products are all-purpose and built on usability

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has invited a group of YouTube channel owners to Apple’s headquarters to answer their questions.

Cook began talking to Rikki Poynter, who owns a YouTube channel despite being a hearing loss, who said she owns a wide range of Apple devices from her Apple Watch smart watch, to an iPhone and MacBook Pro laptops. She stressed that over time she became an essential part of her life.

Poynter said she was happy to try Clips, which provides automatic text-writing. She said she did not understand the mechanism of use because she could not hear. But the application as an experiment was very cool.

Poynter asked why Apple is focusing on accessibility on all its devices. Cook says Apple is making its own devices. With this in mind, it wants to provide tools for all users and wait for what they can offer. Stressing at the same time that the company believes that access tools such as human rights, must be granted and are also available to everyone.

Cook later turned to meet James Rath, who is visually impaired but offers a program through his YouTube channel, which prompted curiosity to find out why Apple was insisting on providing usability tools. Cook says Apple is offering such tools without waiting for revenue from that investment because it is humane. Ranked first.

The last Cook interview was with Accessible Hollywood, which creates personal content that shares everything you love, and is born without a fully mobile capability.

In conjunction with Utility Day, which aims to highlight the need for accessibility tools and devices, Apple launched a new advertising campaign consisting of a wide range of ads that review Apple’s devices and their role in improving the lives of some people for the better.


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