Most victims of WannaCry ransom software work on Windows 7

After this news, you will seriously consider upgrading your computer’s operating system. Kaspersky has published statistics showing the prevalence of victims of the WannaCry ransom program that hit the world last week and most infected devices were running Windows 7.

According to Kaspersky’s data, 98% of software-infected computers are running Windows 7 in all versions, while the Windows 10 infection rate is not more than 0.03%. At the level of servers and companies, Windows 2008 R2 in its various versions was higher than 1%.

Windows 7 is naturally the most vulnerable because of its widespread presence in the world, where its market share is four times the share of Windows 10. It is important to note that Microsoft has sent a security update that blocks the loophole that was exploited by the software weeks before it was launched, but the majority of users do not update their operating systems Making them vulnerable to such risks.

Although Windows XP support has been stopped with security updates, Microsoft has sent an emergency and unusual update that also fills the gap to prevent its growing spread, especially as the software relies on deployment over local networks.




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