How Google dissolve Amazon dreams in just 10 minutes

Google revealed at the Developers Conference I / O 2017 a stream of new products and tools, the company took advantage of its opening conference, which lasted 120 minutes and did not leave a minute without revealing updates or new products.

During the conference, the company needed just 10 minutes to send Amazon to the unknown, a company that revealed a few days ago its new digital assistant Echo Show, a touch screen home assistant to show the user answers.

Amazon never took into account the ability of other companies to compete with it more easily and in more logical ways, it needed to launch a new device to display the answers. While Google was more sophisticated, announcing simple updates to the current generation available on the market, the user did not need to buy a whole new assistant.

Google’s digital assistant, Google Home, has received a host of new features, including free calls and broadcast answers, the features that the company reviewed in about 10 minutes.

Amazon was delighted to announce its free call feature through its digital assistant ECO. But Google also announced that calls could be made in the United States and Canada free of charge, with the possibility of hiding the user’s identity or using his phone number as well.

As for the Echo Show, we have already dealt with the blurry step in a detailed article, especially as Google Digital Assistant is responsible for running Google Home, an assistant that over time proves its advantage, its ability to use artificial intelligence tools and machine self-learning algorithms in the best possible way. It can also be a good reason to choose a device on Amazon’s digital assistants, or any other help.

With an overview of what Google has done, and what it can offer in the future in the field of artificial intelligence and home help, the role of Amazon digital assistance can be expected to gradually diminish over time. It was true that it came before everyone; it offered its digital assistant for the first time by the end of 2014, but it played with caution and sluggishness as Google, which succeeded in less than a year, was at the heart of the scales for its own benefit.

The competition will intensify with Apple’s potential entry into this field. Even if you do not launch a digital home assistant, you already have a Siri on Apple TV that can work as a home assistant, but Siri needs a very powerful boost to prove itself. Things for Google on the one hand, and Facebook and its new digital assistant “M” on the other.


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