ExtraTorrent shutdown forever

One of the most important and famous sites and the largest sites of the global torrent of ExtraTorrent surprised its users with a message that appears on the main page to stop it from work and close it completely.

The site and all copies will stop and all data and content will be deleted. The site warned against access to fake sites that will appear and unofficial versions that always appear with the closure of the famous torrent sites.

ExtraTorrent is the second most popular torrent site from the Bay of Pirate according to the number of visitors. The head of the site, known as SaM, confirmed that the ETRG group, which either sets ettv or ethd on its hacked content, will also be suspended unless it receives sufficient financial support and donations to cover costs.

ExtraTorrent is the third major BitTorrent site to be shut down by KickassTorrents and Torrentz.eu last year, which shows that IPRs continue to squeeze and fight content piracy sites from movies to programs, books, and more.

ExtraTorrent was launched in November 2006 despite the presence of large names at the time, such as TorrentSpy and Mininova. It was able to compete with a huge number of visitors, making it the second highest visit after The Pirate Bay.




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