Apple Pay for electronic payment officially arrives in Italy

Apple announced the arrival of its electronic payment service Apple Pay to Italy, after a wave of news and rumors that the arrival was scheduled in February 2017.

Customers of Boon, Carrefour Banca and UniCredit in Italy can use Apple’s e-payment service on their smartphones running iOS 9 and beyond. It is compatible with Visa and Mastercard credit cards as well.

To add a new card, you can go to the Wallet app and press the + icon and enter card data easily. It can also be connected to Apple’s watch from inside the Watch app on iPhones which has a special section to add user cards.

Apple’s e-payment service is compatible with iPhone 6 and beyond, as well as the iPad 4, iPad 2 and iPad Pro. All you need to do after credit card registration is to bring your device from the payment platform to complete the process immediately.

The company has officially unveiled its new store in Milan, Italy, which will be located below Piazza Liberty, a store called Apple Piazza Liberty, which will not be visible. The company will build a runway leading to the store, For a fountain of water, so that the customer needs to pass through it in order to enter the new shop.


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