Live streaming on YouTube is available to everyone and without restrictions

Today, in a great news for content makers from YouTube, the company has now made a new update to the application from the Android operating system and has become a feature of live streaming without restrictions. Previously, 1000 subscribers were required in the channel And more, and before that the number was 10,000 or more.

The only condition to take advantage of this feature is that the channel has been verified and there are no violations in the last 90 days, in turn this feature will be noticed on the main interface and specifically at the bottom right of the interface “video icon”, and when pressed will take you to a new interface and as usual there the option of registration and the option to go to Live.

Currently, the most direct streaming directions through this feature are the broadcast of the games and of course over time the content will change to other areas, the update is gradually updated for everyone to download. Go here and if you do not like waiting you can download the update with an APK copy from here.




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