Instant application feature is now available to all Android developers

Last year, Google announced in the Developers Conference the feature of instant applications that are run directly without the need to download and then download them. Now this feature is available to all Android developers to instantly convert their applications.

This feature works outside the Google Play Store, so you can click on a special link in the browser and the application runs directly as if it was downloaded and installed on the device, but the idea here works cloudily and when you exit everything ends like you deleted it.

If you are an Android developer, you can see the toolkit for developing Android applications through this page

Google requires that the application be modular and compatible with deep links so that you can click on a specific link and open a specific section within the application directly.

Google has determined the size of the download required for part of the application, and there is always an option to download the entire application in case the user was impressed after his experience cloud and instant.

This feature is supposed to work with Android 4.3 and above, but unfortunately it currently only works with Android Marshalmu 6 and above, and later will add Google support for Android Loli Bob 5.




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