Apple decides to turn off the iPad mini series

With the weakness of tablet sales and decline, and the variety of smart device measurements, there is no longer a real and actual need for an iPad Mini as before.

When Apple launched a mini-version of iPad five years ago, the iPhone kept its small measurement and iPad on its big size. The iPad came out as a compromise that offered a decent screen and a reasonable weight to do more than just voice calls like surfing the web and reading e-books.

But today, with the iPhone with 5.5-inch measurements and an increase in screen sizes of Android smartphones up to 6 inches, the 7.9-inch screens are no longer convincing enough for a new device.

Sources close to Apple say that the company has decided to stop the production of the iPad Mini computer, but the mechanism is still unknown if it will continue to sell the current inventory for a few more months, or will stop directly selling and ending the classification of the product altogether.

Tablet PCs have been down for two and a half years, with shipments reaching 36.2 million compared to the same quarter last year, with 39.6 million units down 8.5 percent.




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