Amazon launches Fire 8 for children and Fire 7 with new specifications starting at $ 49

Amazon has announced new updates to its family of tablets, Fire Fire, now available FireHD 8 computers (Fire HD 8) children’s version, also updated specifications of the PC 7 Fire Tablet.

The FireWire 7 is equipped with a quad-core processor at a frequency of 1.3 GHz, and a battery lasting at least eight hours, with internal storage 8 GB or 16 GB can be increased using a memory card up to 256 GB. The device, which is less thick and lighter in weight, is only $ 49.

The company confirmed that its digital assistant, Alexa, will come preinstalled on new tablets. It will also reach older computers via an update in the coming weeks.

For HP 8, the company announced that its price was $ 79 instead of $ 89. She also announced a new version of the children will be sold for about 129 US dollars with a one-year subscription to the FreeTime service, which allows parents to see their children’s use of the Tablet PC with full control of the applications they install as well.

The children’s version comes with a two-year “Worry Free” guarantee, whereby Amazon will replace the computer for free without any questions, even if the problems are as big as a screen break.

The new tablets can be ordered from Amazon’s official website, but their arrival in the markets will begin on 7 July 2017.


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