The Digital Echo Assistant from Amazon will get the alerts feature

Amazon has announced that its digital assistant, Echo, will soon receive the alerts feature so that developers and skills – applications – can alert the user, just like in smartphones.

Applications like AccuWeather will start to see the weather, apply the Washington Post, and Just Eat, using the new system so that the loudspeaker can be read aloud when weather changes occur. The Washington Post application will alert the user immediately.

The assistant will not read the alerts before receiving a confirmation from the user. When an alert is received, he may make a simple sound for the alarm signal, or may display a light pending user commands to listen to the latest alerts.

Amazon will launch the development package for alerts within the next few months and will collaborate with selected developers in the coming weeks to test the feature before launching it into the public within a specific skill set.

Amazon recently unveiled its new digital assistant, EcoShoo, with a touch screen to display alerts visually, along with audio, a device priced at $ 230.


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