Samsung will provide phones to Tizen in all countries of the world

Currently Samsung’s smart phones operating in the Tizen operating system are limited to a limited number of countries with low purchasing power and large population such as African countries, but Samsung intends to expand its handsets to include all countries of the world, Tizen to be an actual competitor to Android.

Tizen phones will reach several new countries in Africa, including Egypt, Sudan and Sudan, but will gradually be available in more countries to gradually cover the world.

Of course, the first question the user asks if he wants to test the phones of the Linux-based system, what about applications? By the end of this year, the number of Tizen applications will jump tenfold over the previous year. Samsung has a Tizen application store available worldwide.

Samsung has been offering the Tizen phones in India for two years and has achieved great success. Its handset sales rose 30% last year and are expected to rise by 100% this year.

The latest Samsung phones in the Tizen oparating system were the Z4 unveiled last week. Tizen phones usually come in low or medium specifications because they receive the most attention in their markets.

In the event that Samsung wants to offer its phones in the high-end markets where Android phones are high-quality, it is better to start the Tizen phones with high specifications and advanced features, and this requires a great effort from the company not to be at the expense of neglecting Android phones also.

With Android phones with strong specifications and cheap prices, will you buy a phone with the Tizen system?




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