New details about Apple’s diabetes medical project using Apple Watch

BGR published a new report on Apple’s efforts and plans to contribute to the treatment of diabetes, where the report touched on the technical details and mechanism that you are considering doing.

According to the new report, the company intends to launch a new device to detect blood glucose through optical sensors are working constantly, and has employed more than 200 researchers and specialized in the field to develop these technologies.

Apple does not intend to include the sensors inside the clock to avoid raising its price, but intends to develop techniques within a special bracelet made up of units, a group of them to monitor the sugar, and another group may inject the patient materials necessary to maintain the proportion is constant permanently.

The idea of ​​developing these technologies and incorporating them into the wristband seems more logical than including them inside the clock, because they will consume more energy and space, which Apple certainly does not want.

CNBC said in April that Apple had recently stepped up its efforts to help treat diabetes by using its Apple Watch smart watch, bringing together a team responsible for developing the technologies, without disclosing those efforts in detail.

A new study by the University of California, Cardiogram, showed that the Apple Watch smart clock was able to monitor arrhythmias with a success rate of 97%.


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