Google Home has revolutionary features and is now available in five new countries

Google has added a host of new features to its home appliance, Google Home. It also officially announced the arrival of the device to five new countries around the world.

The first new feature is Proactive Assistance, which anticipates user questions before they are released to make the information ready. In a review of the feature, the assistant expected the user to leave the house and teased him about the need to leave before the scheduled time due to the jam.

As a second feature, Google has added a call feature using a home helper, where you can now call toll free numbers in the United States and Canada, where the user tells the assistant to “call” and specify the person’s name. A special number can be used to connect or synchronize a plugin with a personal user’s phone.

The home assistant is compatible with SputeFay and SoundCloud, where you can talk to the assistant and ask for songs. Google has also worked with some of the video-on-demand providers such as Hulu or HBO to stream content from the assistant to the TV.

Google has concluded the new features by announcing visual responses, in which the assistant displays the results on the user’s devices using Bluetooth technology. For a review of this feature, a helper can be asked about the condition of the roads to be displayed on television and the location of congestion.

The assistant will now be sold in new countries – Canada, France, Australia, Germany and Japan – which were available almost a month ago in the UK.

Google competes with the powerful visual response feature with the Echo Show, a home screen-based assistant launched only a few days ago, especially since Google’s help users will not need to buy a new device to see the answers, unlike Amazon’s help users.


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