Co-founder Biz Stone returns to Twitter after 6 years of absence

Six years after leaving the company, Biz Stone decided to return to Twitter, his company he co-founded with Jack Dorsey and grow from zero to tens of millions.

Stone resigned from Twitter in 2011 and worked on several private companies and projects such as the medium blogging platform, most recently the application of questions and answers Jelly, which was sold to the social network Benetrst.

Stone said Jack Dorsey had invited him directly to rejoin the company for full-time work, which would focus on “corporate culture” without replacing another employee.

Twitter suffers from several problems, including the identity problem, where the user is confused between being a social network or a site to follow the world events or a platform to record the events of everyday life with a few words. So going back to the beginnings will reshape the Twitter identity, taking into account the technical developments such as video streaming and Twitter services acquired by Perscope. Will Stone be able to achieve the desired growth not only in profits, but more importantly in the number of active users?




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