Apple will launch MacBook computers with the seventh generation of Intel processors

It seems that the launch of Microsoft’s laptop is afraid Apple has pushed it to update its MacBook computers. According to new rumors, Apple will launch a new MacBook lineup next month at the WWDC Developers Conference.

These rumors are relatively strange. Apple launched last October the new MacBook Pro with the touch screen, 500 days after the latest update on MacBooks, and now Apple is rushing to launch new computers.

Only eight months have passed since the MacBook Pro has been on the market, but it has come down to many of the advantages that Apple seems to offer in the new versions of its users if it is true.

According to Bloomberg, the new MacBook Pro will carry the same design as the previous but with internal changes in the design architecture as well as specs where the new Intel processors will come the seventh generation Kaby Lake.

Apple is likely to offer these processors in a 12-inch version of the Macbook as well as MacBook Air computers will be updated for their processors, the cheapest MacBook computers had been updated two years ago.

Apple seems to want to act quickly in response to Microsoft’s recently unveiled laptop service that comes with a sleek design and a cloth-covered surface with a touch screen and a price starting at $ 1,000.

It is noteworthy that 11% of Apple’s sales come from computers with annual revenues of $ 216 billion, and Apple intends to shut down MacBook Air computers, but rumors are continuing because they receive high orders to lower the price compared to the rest of the chain.




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