Apple officially unveils its revolutionary store in Milan, Italy

Apple has officially unveiled its new store in Milan, Italy, which will be down Piazza Liberty, a store named Apple Piazza Liberty, to be opened later.

The company expressed its pleasure to open a store in an ancient square and in a city known for innovation and originality as Milan. She also confirmed that the scene will be transformed into a place where friends will be gathered, with many activities planned by the company.

The store will not be visible, but the company will build a runway leading to the store, which will be a fountain of water, so that the customer needs to pass through to enter the new store.

Apple will reportedly pay US $ 834,000 to the City Council of Milan to cover reconstruction costs after construction is completed. You will also pay up to US $ 140,000 per year for the shop rent.





In the coming period, Apple is seeking to turn its stores into a public place with a variety of activities and workshops that combine art, programming and music. It has previously announced the “Today at Apple” program, which will reach all its stores around the world.

Apple’s small and old Apple stores in different parts of the world will appear entirely new on May 17, after new reconfigurations will begin on Tuesday evening (May 16th), according to some sources.

Apple recently revealed its plans for its store in Washington DC, a shop in the Carnegie Library.


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