Sales of Galaxy S8 exceed 5 million devices in less than a month

A great success was achieved by the Galaxy S8 phone before it was available in the market even when the record breaking times in the pr-order period as the top Samsung phone demand.

Samsung has been offering its phone in some countries around the world since April 21, and today, nearly three weeks later, its global sales reached only 5 million.

This figure is inaccurate but the demand is certainly strong on Samsung’s phone, which came to restore the company’s position after the Note 7. It is interesting that the Galaxy S8 continue to achieve good sales despite the problems that appeared in some phones such as red screen promised by the company to cross Update, and being the weakest phone ever.

In the coming weeks, the Galaxy S8 will reach more countries in the world, which will drive sales further as it is expected to reach 120 countries by the end of the month, including China.

Analysts expect Samsung to sell 20 million Galaxy S8 devices before the end of the second half, and up to 60 million devices within a year will make it a new record.




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