Leaks of the Galaxy Note 8 screen is 6.3 inches

When the smartphones came in screen sizes ranging from 4.7 to 5, the Note class was always larger to allow more productivity and take advantage of the smart pen, and now with Note 8, the screen has reached much higher levels, making it closer to the tablets.

A new leak reveals that the Galaxy Note 8 screen will be 6.3 inches with a length ratio to 18.5: 9 width, roughly double the width of the display, and the phone will be more clearly and magnified with something very simple from the Galaxy S8 Plus.

There is still little information about the Note 8, which Samsung will try to restore confidence among the 4-5 million people who got the Note 7 and returned after the combustion problems, but there will be at least a double camera.

Changing the aspect ratio from a conventional 16: 9 to a 18.5: 9 aspect ratio would be appropriate to provide a larger screen without the phone becoming wide and annoying to use, but it would be a problem for a small hand size that would not easily reach the top of the screen.




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