Leaked prototype of the first generation Tablet PC tablets

9to5mac posted a new leak through blogger Sonny Dickson, who got a prototype of the first generation iPad tablet in 2010, a fully functional model.

On the aluminum back face, there are special slots for the signal receiver and the Wi-Fi connection chip, which is not present in the final generation model. There are also labels that contain the details of all the internal components with the serial number of the device, and the knowledge of the development team to which the device returns.

The ID of the development team was also printed on the front face using the laser, a face quite similar to the first generation in the market, it contains the Home button and nothing else.

The leaked model works with an operating system developed inside a cable called SwitchBoard, a system for the development team as the images show because the interfaces and icons are very large and do not resemble the iOS system at all.

According to Dickson, this model has been locked into a box over the past years in the hope that it will not go public. But at the same time did not disclose the reason for the leak or the person who owns it mainly.

Apple is preparing to unveil the next-generation 10.5-inch iPad Pro with no side edges. The company also plans to integrate the main button and the Touch ID sensor into the screen as well, unveiling the developers’ conference on June 5.


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