Finally, the Allo application supports the creation of links to join groups and more

A few days ago, the Allo Messaging application got a new update with a new feature that support creating self-expressive symbols and relying entirely on a new smart algorithm. Using the front-facing camera, today there is a new version of the application, Creates links to join groups, as well as the ability to send messages via Google Now or Assistant.

For the first add-on, the only way to add someone to the group chat was to manually select and add the name, but you can create and share a QR code simply. When you get the chat link, click the group chat icon and finally click Add people.

In the second version it is known to the collector that Google Voice and Assistant Voice Assistant allow the conversion of voice to text, in this particular version was added this option, but until this moment has not been activated and certainly during the next few days or weeks we will see support and perhaps see it in the official launch.

Finally as we said this update is available in APK version and not on Google Play Store if you do not like waiting you can download it from here.




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