The iPhone 8 processors have entered production, and LG is beginning to develop 3D sensors for the camera

Digitimes reported that Taiwan’s TSMC has officially launched the A11 processors that will be used on the new iPhone 8, as well as the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

The Taiwanese company set a production start date for April, but due to problems with internal components, production was delayed until the beginning of May. Which are all Apple-designed processors except for the graphics processing unit that may be developed by Imagination Technologies.

Apple processors offer very high performance as shown by the daily usage habits with the tests performed by specialists. The A11 processors will also produce 10 nm, which means smaller size, better performance and an energy saving economy.

Continuing with the new phones, Korea Economic Daily reported that LG Innotek will be responsible for developing three-dimensional sensors for use in the front camera, based on informed sources.

LG injected $ 238 million a little while ago to equip a facility to develop new sensors that could be used for facial recognition and iris reading as well.

Sensors can be made up of infrared and laser units, and will be managed using PrimeSense algorithms that Apple acquired in 2013.

Many analysts have agreed on the possibility of a three-dimensional camera for facial recognition and hand movement, as well as images taken in enhanced AR applications.

The latest leaked graphics for the iPhone 8 show that the back face will be made of glass completely with a double camera positioned vertically in the middle of the flash light to improve the quality of images taken for enhanced reality.


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