The iPad Pro 10.5-inch screen will see the light during the Developers Conference with a digital assistant

Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI analyst, has released a new report confirming the possibility of launching the next generation of the iPad 10.5-inch Tablet PC at the Developers Conference, which will begin on June 5.

Kuo said Apple will unveil its new Tablet PC, which will come with the same dimensions as the 9.7-inch Proportional Pro, but with a larger 10.5-inch screen after removing the side edges on the front face with the Home button and the fingerprint sensor inside the screen.

The new computers will enter the production stage by the end of the second quarter to be officially available before the new generation of iPhone 8 phones will be unveiled, most of which will come without a side screen, according to the latest leaks.

In addition to the new generation of the iPad Pro, Kuo noted the possibility of launching a 50% digital home assistant, the company may unveil the new device and its development package during its next conference of developers; it has already revealed during the conference the new generation of MacBook Pro Retina 2013, and further revealed its time on the new generation of Mac Pro desktop.

KGI expects Apple to sell at least six million new generation tablets this year, thanks to the new screen and the different design.

The company has already indicated that Apple intends to launch a new home digital assistant during the Developers Conference. As for the new tablets, the 9to5mac site has been spotted by Urban Armor Gear, a specialist in the smart accessories industry, which plans to launch a new generation of iPad Pro tablet 10.5-inch tablet soon.


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