Rumors of attempts by Samsung and LG to increase the production of OLED screens

The race to increase the production of OLED screens for smartphones and other products has increased between two of the largest suppliers of these screens, with reports that Samsung and LG have increased their investments to provide more OLED screens even before the completion of phase I investments.

According to reports, LG Display will start the second phase of investments in the sixth generation of OLED screens this month or next month, although equipment is not yet complete from the first investment stage and a building acceleration strategy has reportedly been developed.

Samsung Display is also reportedly expanding its production, but separate reports have indicated that the two companies in South Korea have denied rumors of their plans to open new OLED display plants in China.

But it seems clear that Samsung and LG are doing their best to prepare for the projected OLED display in the coming years. Many OEMs in China are beginning to try to manufacture these screens. Samsung is widely believed to be the only supplier of OLED screens for the Apple iPhone 8, Imagine hiring on iPhone screens next year.

All this means that smart phone users will find many devices on these screens in the coming months, especially after the production of OLED screens cheaper than the production of LCD screens, and is likely to continue to decline with the increase in production, which means that users will find these screens On cheaper phones than expensive phones.




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