Leaked specifications of Motorola phones coming this year

What we know from Motorola is now three series of smart phones namely E, G, X but today our leakage reveals the company’s direction to expand more and target different segments of users across several new chains.

Prior to Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola, the X series was dedicated to high-end, high-definition phones, G for medium and X for low and cheap. After the acquisition of Lenovo launched the Z series, which supports the style of modular phones.

The Leaked Presentation Slide The variety of Motorola phones this year, from the Moto C and the Plus version of the high-resolution 5-inch Plus and 480p version to the regular version with a large 4000 mA battery, shows that Plus has the same screen size and accuracy.

The E Series comes with additional features such as fingerprint sensor, curved glass and a larger 5.5-inch Plus screen with a larger 5000-mA battery.

The G series, which was updated two months ago, will come with a 1080p full screen, a metallic body and a dual camera.

While the X series will be a 5.2-inch full-resolution screen with three-dimensional glass and a dual camera.

The Z series will be powered by Z Play and Z Force with a full-resolution 5.5-inch screen, a shock-resistant body with a plastic screen, high-speed 4G connectivity and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors.




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