Google launches a project to accelerate the sending of companies for Android updates

One of the main reasons why users like to buy Nexus phones earlier and now is the speed of getting Android system updates compared to other companies that take years. Google is seeking to solve this problem and accelerate the pace of sending updates via providing the required business volume on the companies to do to upgrade each Android version update.

Starting with the Android version or coming and thanks to the Treble project, Google will shorten the phone manufacturers several steps to send operating system updates.

Without going into purely technical details, previously the process of updating the system of Android goes through three basic stages is to add support from manufacturers of processors, and then add the customizations of manufacturers of phones, and finally add the support of telecommunications companies and applications.

Currently, the first phase has been addressed so that Google does not need to send the incomplete Android system to the processor manufacturers for review and add support, and a single interface is reached. Thus, one-third of the required effort is reduced with each update for Android, whether minor or major, such as moving to a higher version.

This optimization will benefit future phones that come with the Android system or come with this update where the project includes.

Let’s hope that one day Google will definitively replace one of the biggest obstacles to the Android system, delay sending updates.




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