Apple brings new technologies to extend the life of its various batteries

Apple has purchased new technologies that allow the testing of smart and computer batteries to accurately analyze and control all numbers in the hope of prolonging the life of batteries and maintaining the use of devices for as long as possible.

These techniques were developed primarily in a laboratory led by Jeff Dahn, one of the brains behind the development of lithium cells for use in existing batteries, which also works with Tesla, which specializes in the production of electric cars.

Dan and his team were able to extend the life of the batteries using the new device for a period of about 4 years, twice the default period. The device basically monitors all the cells during charging and during use to see exactly what is happening, and what leads to the drop in the level of cells in the storage of electrical charges, which is with the many lead to shorten the period of use of the battery after charging.

According to reports from Reuters, some analysts say Apple plans to begin production of its power distribution segments on iPhones and iPads by 2019, abandoning Dialog, which is currently cooperating with them. The above may mean that Apple intends to develop everything internally away from other companies in the hope of providing an unprecedented period of use in its various devices.

A group of users of Apple smartphones recently complained of battery problems, but Apple confirmed that iOS 10.2.1 helped eliminate those problems that arose due to problems in the algorithms of calculating energy mainly.


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