Using Siri may be possible via text messages within the iMessage application

Apple has registered a new patent to use Siri within the iMessages application to interact with a PDA via text, not just over voice as it currently is.

Apple said in the patent that the user opens the application of messages and then start a dialogue with the digital assistant by writing message, to analyze the text and then respond to the query immediately by text also and within the conversation itself.

Siri can be used by text messaging in public places where voice commands can not be used because of noise or because of laws such as public libraries or classrooms.

The use of this application is not known until now. Apple may launch its iMessage within the launch of iOS 11, which will be officially unveiled in June.

Sony’s blogger Sonny Dickson has published new details claiming to be from inside Apple about a new home digital assistant from Apple, similar to Google Home devices, and Amazon Echo, running voice commands via Siri. KGI also said in a new report that Apple is carrying in its pack a digital home assistant that will be unveiled at the WWDC 2017 Developers Conference.

EMarketer pointed out that the digital audio market will double this year after rumors about Apple’s desire to enter a new device have begun. The market size will reach 35.6 million in the United States this year alone, Same time.


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