Microsoft’s new Emma project helps Parkinson’s patients

Microsoft announced at the Build conference a new hour that the company says it helps Parkinson’s patients to write more clearly, and launched the clock name Emma Watch, and the watch sends vibrations to the brain to help control hand vibrations, and the watch is still in the prototype stage, but a step to the future is full of hope for Parkinson’s disease patients using wearable technology to help them.

Uncontrollable hand shaking is a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease, an incurable disease to date that has infected more than 10 million people around the world and causes loss of limb control. The watch is named Emma Luton, a graphic designer with Parkinson’s disease and a friend of the director of research And innovations in Microsoft Haiyan Zhang, which in turn made the clock special, and Emma Watch watch has small vibration engines that send signals to Emma Luton brain in an attempt to distract brain from the creation of hand tremors, and this helps to calm the movements of muscles and makes it easy to write, Meh Graphic designer.

The vibration pattern you prefer can be customized using the watch application on a Windows 10 tablet. Zhang wants to do more research on how artificial intelligence technology and sensors can help treat Parkinson’s patients.




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