Google launches its Allo application with the support of a special sticker for selfie

Today, Google has introduced a new update to its Allo messaging application. Of course, the update is a major one and it has introduced a host of new features and features, including the creation of a special expression label using the front camera. In other words, there will be a new option in the chat interface, allowing you to directly create a poster for your photo in real time.

Just click on the new silvery option from the list of stickers and the camera will be opened directly in addition to enjoying a set of key editing tools. In the same context, Google pointed out that this new feature depends on artificial intelligence and neural networks, and Google has introduced some new algorithms on the application.

In addition to this add-on there are some other add-ons. Private chat is now available for groups, with the addition of callback and callback at any time, along with notification-only tools that give you access to certain notifications.

Update is currently available only on the Android system you can download from here, and on the other system iOS company has indicated that in the next few days will be launched update to enjoy its new features.



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