Snapchat daily Losses 2.2 billion and 166 million users to apply

Following the success of the IPO, Snapchat revealed its first financial report for the first quarter of 2017, in which the company added 5 million new users to Snapchat, bringing the total number of active users to 166 million daily users, up 36% over the same period last year.

In financial matters, the company lost 2.2 $ billion due to a decline in the share price in the stock market, where the share price fell by 18% but nevertheless the company continued to generate revenues of 149 $ million.

Conclusion All these things do not appeal to investors as the company still has a long way to achieve profits in light of the slowdown in growth in the number of users as the company said the fourth quarter is the lowest growth in users throughout the history of the application of Snape Chat.

The company is also not sure about the arrival of profitability in light of the competition and the current pressures, especially as it is swimming alone in a sea of ​​sharks of Facebook, exclusive stories on Instagram has 200 million users as well as Wattab and Messenger in addition to the same feature in the social network of Facebook.




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