Microsoft provides developers with ways to add artificial intelligence to applications

Microsoft is rolling out more programming interfaces for Cognitive Services applications at the Build 2017 conference. Microsoft’s message to developers at this conference is that they can use new tools and APIs to provide these applications with artificial intelligence technology quickly and easily as well as customization.

More than 568,000 developers from 60 different countries currently use Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, and there are now 29 Cognitive Services APIs for Microsoft, 12 of which are generally available and the rest are still in the preview phase .

Microsoft today added a new custom Bing search engine, Custom Vision service and Custom Decision service. With these interfaces, users can bring their own data to Microsoft’s algorithms and codes to create services that are more suited to their specific needs.

Other new interfaces include the Video Indexer, which is now being previewed and reviewed. This interface enables indexing, indexing, object and object recognition, and emotion analysis in video content.

Microsoft also launched Cognitive Services Labs for the first time, which is similar to Microsoft Garage, and will allow users to test new knowledge services in the pre-preview and development phase.

One of the new knowledge services labs is Project Prague, an API that is currently in the private preview phase. Nanjing is the API that calculates Isochrone maps (time and distance factors), as well as the Johannesburg project, which enables users to calculate logistics routes With smarter and deeper maps, the Cuzco project is an API used to find related events through the Wikipedia site, the Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi project to calculate travel times and improve roads, the Wollongong project helps to evaluate near various fun sites.

Cognitive services are part of Microsoft’s general artificial intelligence, and Microsoft Knowledge Base APIs are designed to work well with the Microsoft Bot Framework.




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