The size of the digital assistance market will double after rumors of Apple’s entry with a new device

EMarketer, a research specialist, said the digital audio market would double this year after rumors about Apple’s desire to enter a new device began.

The size of the market will reach 35.6 million in the United States this year, an increaseable figure at the same time, the company said.

Amazon currently controls more than 70% of the market via the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, first launched in 2015. Google controls 23.8% of the market with Google Home, which was released in 2016. The company also noted that the share of Google will grow over time due to the rapid growth of the current and spread of this type of devices.

According to the company, Apple’s entry into this market may not be the same category as previous companies because the digital assistant may be of the category of leading specifications and high price as well, they want to use Digital Assistant in the camera to identify the face and customize the user experience according to user. Language support will also be greater in Apple’s Digital Assistant because it will mostly rely on Siri, which currently supports more than 25 different languages.

In addition, Apple has the advantage of having a Syriac SDK ready for launch in 2016 which may also be used to develop applications for the new Digital Assistant.

According to rumors, Apple is already considering the entry of this type of device. Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing at Apple, said that this type of aid is useful in some situations only, without confirming its presence in Apple’s product map or not.


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