Bitcoin reaches its highest price in history over $ 1700

A new record reaches the currency of Bitcoin in today’s trading as it reached a price higher than 1700 $.

According to the BitStamp platform, the single-digit price jumped from 1,747 $ to 1,760 $ in just one day, so the price of the component has risen 80% this year alone. All of the available components available in circulation today amount to $ 52.5 billion.

All this rise is achieved by Bitcoin despite the refusal of the official authorities in America and China and not to allow the authorization in the official circulation, while other countries such as Japan, as well as thousands of companies that accept payment today.

Although the price has risen 70% over the past two months, other currencies have jumped by 600%, and naturally after high currency prices have seen corrective waves and a temporary and limited decline before resuming a long-term rally.




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