Apple unveils new data center and store in Washington, DC

Reno’s board of directors will meet on Wednesday, May 10, to discuss the idea of ​​buying Apple Half-Life to be converted into an Apple facility at a cost of nearly $ 50 million.

Apple previously wanted to rent the 9144 square meters. But according to the latest news, it wants to take advantage of its geographical location and purchase without disclosing the reason for this decision, and in the draft contract would like to turn it into a delivery and delivery center.

Apple can benefit from the new facility with the new data center at Reno Technology Park, which covers an area of ​​more than 9,700 square meters with a cost of more than $ 50 million.

In addition, Apple revealed its plans for its store in Washington, DC, a shop in the Carnegie Library. Apple responded directly to all the voices expressing concern over the transformation of the archaeological site into a commercial place with the loss of its identity.

The company said it would fully maintain the exterior and all the architectural details of the library. You will also add some enriching activities such as programming instruction lectures, and technical events as well. She also stressed that she will not put her logo on the main interface, but designers will focus mainly on the interface of the library.

The mayor of Washington said Apple had previously opened a store at Grand Central Station in New York City, an archaeological station as well, and Apple has succeeded in turning it into a beautiful architecture that never contradicts history. The Mayor added that Apple’s efforts in opening its store inside the library will reflect the great civilization and commercial importance of the city.


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