Apple acquires a company specializing in sleep tracking devices

Apple has acquired Finnish company Beddit, which specializes in the manufacture of sleep monitoring and tracking devices that work with Apple devices and their time through its own application.

The company’s relationship extends to the fact that the Finnish company’s products are sold through an Apple store such as the Beddit 3, which has special sensors placed under the bedspreads to track a person’s movements during sleep and fluctuation. This way you will not need to wear any bracelet or remember to run an application to monitor your sleep.

We can easily see that Apple will use its expertise and technologies in its smart clock, which currently does not offer any sleep tracking features. However, there are external applications that offer this capability. The biggest stumbling block remains the problem of charging power, since Apple’s battery is barely enough for a day to sleep. At night probably will be empty.

But Beddit not only provides hardware and devices, but also data as the data users of its devices now subject to Apple’s privacy policy means that it can be used in several forms such as the development of services and special devices.




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