The LucidSound LS35X wireless headset connects directly to the Xbox One

There are two types of headphones that try to meet the needs of players, whether on the Xbox One platform or on Windows 10 in computers, the first type comes with traditional cables and the other type is the wireless headset, the new LucidSound LS35X wireless headset is a wireless gaming headset, Which does not require any additional extensions to communicate with your Xbox One gaming device.

The LS35X is the first in LucidSound’s new line of licensed Xbox accessories, but more than wireless headphones, LucidSound promises that connecting and operating this headset will be as easy as connecting your Xbox wireless controller.

The LS35X uses the same wireless technology as the Xbox console, which means that the headset will be compatible with future Xbox One models, such as Project Scorpio. This means that computers running Windows 10 and integrated Xbox wireless will be able to Connect to headphones without hassles.

LucidSound boasts that its speakers have high sound quality because of the 50 mm dynamics neodymium modules, Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic surround sound and even head tracking, and features unique controls and controls on a part LucidSound ear.

The price or date of launch of the LucidSound LS35X wireless headset has not been announced yet, but LucidSound plans to launch the LS35X wireless gaming headset in due course.




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