Apple outperforms itself as the most valuable company in the world

Apple is currently the most valuable company in the world, and yesterday the company strengthened its position in that position. At the beginning of the trading session, the company’s shares reached $ 149.06, bringing the total value of the company to below 776.6 $ billion.

The company’s value in February 2015 was about 774.7 $ billion. The new increase is due to the performance of its good products in the market, and the expected arrival of new versions of the iPhone.

It is also due to two other factors. The first is announced by Apple when it disclosed its first-quarter financial results that it would intensify the buy-back movement, which would delight investors. Then came Warren Buffett’s statement, saying that Apple is a very good investment.

The second factor is that the company has become the largest wearable company in the world, surpassing Fitbit, in addition to the launch of the new iPhone. Overall, Apple shares rose by about 29% in 2017, with turnover increasing by more than 2%.




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