After Qualcomm, Imagination Technologies resorts to crack against Apple

Imagination Technologies, a specialist in graphics and processing, began its formal access to justice against Apple after failing to reach agreement on the use of its own technologies and patents.

Imagination Technologies designs and develops the graphics architecture of Apple Ax processors used in its smartphones. You get 0.30 $ for each device sold by Apple.

Apple recently said that in about two years it would completely abandon Imagination Technologies to rely on its own architecture, which led to a 70 percent decline in the company’s share price, with Apple being a company.

The company said that Apple would not succeed in developing its own architecture without infringing its patents in this area, which is why Imagination Technologies officials went to Apple hoping to reach an agreement on the use of technologies to avoid the loss of Apple fully.

Apple plans to cut Imagination Technologies to only 0.10 $, which the latter did not like, to turn the matter over to the judiciary as soon as possible.

Statista recently published a report on Apple’s relationship with various technology companies, focusing on their annual revenue and Apple’s contribution. For example, it accounts for 48% of the annual Imagination Technologies revenue. While contributing 74% of Dialog’s annual revenues, representing almost three quarters of revenue, followed by Cirrus Logic, which produces 66% of its audio processing chips.


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