Telegram is the least consumer of data compared to competitors

Sos Tariffe conducted a study of the most popular chat and instant messaging applications to see how much data they consume, and the results were almost predictable.

The study was conducted on the applications of WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Line, Viber, Messenger, Facebook, Skype. The study was conducted in three light, medium and intensive scenarios using Internet via 4G networks.

In the light scenario, 20 messages were sent, 20 messages were received, 2 pictures were received and 5 pictures were received.

In the average scenario of use, 40 messages were sent, 40 messages received, 5 images sent and 10 images received.

While the intensive consumption was sent 100 messages and receive 100 messages and send 20 pictures and receive 50 pictures.

Telegram came first in terms of low consumption in the three scenarios, consuming less than half a megabyte in the low scenario and less than 4 megabytes in the intensive scenario.

While WhatsApp came in second place and Hangouts in the third and in the last centers came Messenger Facebook and Skype.

It is noted that Skype consumes more than three times the telegram in low usage, and about eight times as heavy in use.

While the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp in low usage is small, it is twice as high in consumption.

It is clear that Telegram is making a great effort not only in terms of reducing the size of the application, but also in reducing its consumption because its war on WhatsApp will attract the segments of users from emerging countries with Limited data connection.

Are you using limited Internet data? It’s time to move to Telegram to save on your bill.




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