Now you can post photos on Instagram from the mobile website

Unfortunately, it’s still not possible for the web version of computers, but on the Instagram Web site you can share photos in a big and important update to the social networking site to allow more features on smart phones for those who do not have the app.

So far, you can interact with images like admiration, browsing, searching, and tracking notifications and accounts. But two months ago Instagram began to offer additional benefits on the mobile site for its social network, a website that you can access via the Internet browser from your smartphone, and now you can publish your pictures on Instagram from the Internet browser on your phone.

Still posting on Instagram from the mobile site lacks many advantages compared to the application such as uploading videos, applying filters, and feature stories and private messages.

Instagram has expanded the Instagram tab so that you can identify new images from accounts you do not follow but may be interested in your smartphone through the web browser as well.

Why do you instagram this? The reason is clearly targeted at users from emerging countries, specifically in India to increase the rate of service usage and the number of active users.

Users of these countries are characterized by weak communication networks and the Internet as well as the average specifications of their smartphones, which makes the acquisition of the Integrator application sometimes difficult to size and consumption of download, so the ability to share from the smartphone directly does not conflict with the interest of Instagram on the portable platform.

More than 80% of Instagram users use the social network outside the United States, with a total of 700 million users in recent rapid growth, adding 25 million new users monthly after needing 9 months to get 100 million new users in recent years.

Facebook knows that it offers reduced versions of its applications to target emerging countries and facilitate the task of sharing and publishing in front of them. However, this step may not provide a lite version of Instagram, and in any case it remains better than Snapchat that does not want those who have slow connection or average device to use Service mainly.




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