Microsoft will not launch Surface Pro 5 soon

We expected Microsoft to offer the latest versions of the Surface Pro series at its next conference late this month, but unfortunately this will not happen according to the head of Surface Hardware sector Panos Panay.

In an exclusive interview, Panay explained that Microsoft will not launch a new Surface Pro as long as there is a “pilot change” that leads to a significant difference in the product line of the Surface Pro.

This means two things, that the Surface Pro 4 currently performs the required tasks and carries the burden of work and will remain so for a period of time to come, and there will be a server Pro 5 as long as not to provide significant updates, which means that Microsoft will not only launch a new device carries only the generation of the latest processors with a better battery .

Microsoft will hold a conference in Shanghai on May 23, in which Panay will unveil some information about the Surface, but there will be no new hardware. Unfortunately, the Surface Pro 4 may release the seventh-generation Intel processors as a good and important update instead of launching a whole new device with a different design.




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