Google developed a user interface for the operating system “Fuchsia”

Google last summer indirectly revealed an operating system of its development called “Fuchsia” and today we have leaks on the design of the user interface which reflects the attention of Google and follow up on the subject seriously.

The new Fuchsia system does not rely on Linux, as with Android and Chrome, but on a new kernel of its development called Magenta, which Google will use with computers and smartphones.

Of leaked images note that the user interface adopts the famous card design so that each application or notice appears as a card independently of the design. There are nice effects to navigate between them and the video below shows a detailed overview of the user interface and navigation among several applications or interfaces.

The user interface was developed through the Flutter application development software package, which can create a single software code running on different platforms and operating systems such as Android and iOS.

The Armadillo user interface is designed to fit smartphones and tablets. The concept of card design is designed to make the user familiar with handling such as using Google Talk.

The mystery still surrounds this system and what does Google intend to do next? If it is officially launched one day, will it replace Android? Chrome? Or is there a third operating system in addition to them, or is it just a test and experience? What can it do without relying on Linux?

In any event, with the Developer Conference in a few days, you will need to reveal some information about it, and we will inform you of everything new at the time.



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